Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30th May

1985: Janice Long, dressed as a bridesmaid, mentions "Peely can't make it" - this was the day after the Heysel tragedy, which explains that - and then attempts to embarrass Stephen Tin Tin Duffy. Then she lets a pleb have her say on Billy Ocean, who in his carpet underlay suit is in danger of being swallowed by dry ice. Scritti Politti for their part get an extra layer of lens Vaseline.

1991: Anthea Turner has "always loved the name" of Pop Will Eat Itself, which doesn't suggest much about the music. Siouxsie & The Banshees work an Indian motif, while Kylie Minogue works a look that she probably imagines Siouxsie would, the waggling arse at camera in tight leather memorably signposting her veering in direction away from the girl next door years. Sonia never did any such thing but that jacket seems some sort of rock chick nod. Not a very convincing one, obviously.

1996: Hosted by Jeremy Hardy (with Jack Dee), surely the most implausible Pops host pre-2004 or so. Backstreet Boys do the high degree of difficulty dance moves, Peter Andre mixes various 90s himbo obsessions - six-pack, sportswear, wet look hair.

1997: The Spice Girls introducing Faith No More. Geri does the devil horns. Victoria appears to fancy Mike Patton. What brought us to this place?

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