Friday, 25 May 2012

25th May

1978: Disco-a-go-go! The Real Thing get a Floyd-aided Legs & Co leg up, shortly before the augmented troupe take on John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John. Heatwave meanwhile retreat into soul, and there's something a bit needy about their singer's grinning to camera. Even Cilla Black was making tentative steps in the dancefloor direction. Boney M, obviously, exist on their own plane. On a completely opposite tack, Black Sabbath.

1989: Not only did Lynne Hamilton have the Prisoner Cell Block H theme but her hat is better than Donna Summer's. Nice demonstration of the Sky EPG in that clip.

1995: Lee & Herring host. Listen carefully, remembering this is prime-time family television, to Richard's retort to Stewart's intro to McAlmont & Butler. Also, Nightcrawlers' John Reid looking ever more like a man hopelessly out of place and Michelle Gayle monograms her kit.

2001: Mark B & Blade, plus Grant Nicholas of Feeder who remixed this single, cause overuse of the quick zoom function. Musically, it's pretty much the same as Radiohead. Thom looks quite proud of his work at the end.

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