Thursday, 24 May 2012

24th May

1979: Is The Skids' Richard Jobson wearing a scarf, a tie or some sort of neckerchief? Whatever, it's nothing on the look Gary Numan gave to the nation on his debut with Tubeway Army. Legs & Co had Donna Summer's Hot Stuff to deal with and threw everything - belly dance outfits, swimsuits, crotch shaking - at it.

1984: Everton? Mocking Peel, are you, Janice? Wham! give their celebrated Katharine Hamnett togs exposure, compared to whom Alvin Stardust, still holding the mike like that, resembles a village school headteacher.

1990: The B-52s' only studio appearance and Fred is almost entirely useless. En Vogue believe in the later much abused power of harmonic acapella, drilled to perfection. The Don Pablo's Animals reworking of Shocking Blue's Venus, which reputedly neglected to credit its source, comes with some people who could be anyone, frankly. Someone attempts to get the audience going but without the crucial aid of a mike.

2002: Pink makes out she's some sort of hard rock chick, A1 make out they're a serious band with acoustic guitars and stuff, and Liberty X try to make out there aren't really blokes in the band.

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