Tuesday, 8 May 2012

8th May

1980: Why not watch the whole thing? Part one has the Human League's debut with the original lineup, part two Prelude and Matchbox in their car, part three Peter Powell purposefully getting the Jona Lewie song title wrong (plus Kirsty Maccoll on nonchalant backing vocals) and a Cockney Rejects repeat, part four OMD and a Ruts performance repeated but not featured here at the time as it wasn't around on its own, and part five the Undertones getting to check first hand with the Human League in the green room.

1986: The Cure's Robert Smith might have actually just got out of bed; no such inelegance for Chas & Dave, even if they do have to share screen time with clips of singing snooker players.

1998: Freak Power stage a very convoluted kind of onstage house party; All Saints assume crash position. That guitar lick's played by Richard Hawley, y'know.

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