Sunday, 20 May 2012

20th May

1976: Busy week for the Ruby Flipper girls, not only putting in a shift to Wings but Patti looking all close-up soft-focus allurring over Robin Sarstedt's desert bureau (watch him piss himself laughing in the background of Diddy's link out) and Cherry whipping her hair back and forth to Mud. Showaddywaddy came with their own dancers.

1982: The never knowingly understated Peter Powell's on fine form introducing Rocky Sharpe & The Replays and ABC have the sharp moves and sharper suits, but this is not their domain. Not when Adam Ant is famously being given the run of three stages with a scenario each.

2005: Kelly Osbourne the electropop diva? Nearly pulls it off too, but for her own clear inhibition and those dancers, like a robot from 1984.

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Mikey said...

There was in fact no edition of the show broadcast on this day in 1993 - it was shown on the Friday (the 21st) instead (the listing on Popscene is incorrect). It is one of the few shows from this era that contained no tracks outside the Top 40. Love the Saint Etienne song.