Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2nd May

- Jimmy troubled a young woman before Bay City Rollers unveil their short-lived cricket jumper phase
- Jimmy then debuts his special Alvin Stardust stance, the man himself getting his usual CSO screen
- The usual subtle understatement from Wizzard
- Do you think Abba's costumier had a favourite?

- Eurythmics, and Annie is strutting in the temporary belief she's Tina Turner or something
- Nobody there is quite sure what to make of a live performing New Model Army

- White robes, hoods, horns and sitars. This is what The KLF is about indeed.
- In trying to master not the world's most difficult dance moves Cathy Dennis frequently just forgets to mime
- Andy McCluskey of OMD surely too old for that leather jacket
- A notoriously overegged Eurovision UK entry by Samantha Janus, whose backing singers are doing most of the stage work

- Sleeper get an extra guitarist in so Louise can flutter her eyelashes at camera better

- Maybe they were short of presenting options this week as Cathy Dennis wasn't the most obvious candidate.
- Actually it's about the best thing on the show, thought for the sake of something we might as well include Robbie Williams the caner and Saffron of Republica's wayward live vocals.

- The in no way contrived tATu hadn't done UK Pops for All The Things She Said and it doesn't look like they're enjoying the motions much once here
- Realising they really didn't sound like a three guitar band, Busted stick Charlie behind the drumkit and hope for the best

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