Sunday, 11 March 2012

11th March

1971: And more T.Rex! Marc, unfortunately, looks in comparison like he hasn't tried on the sartorial front. And if in doubt, get Legs & Co to lead the audience in some sideways movements. You'd never try that sort of thing out on the canary killer Lynn Anderson, singing direct to the orchestra like someone not quite understanding how to put on a show yet.

1976: Don't want to know about your ulcers, thanks Noel. Someone from Guys 'n' Dolls has retained most of their appearances from the otherwise wiped shows. Even those like this, involving disturbing hairy chests, one Doll really showing off above her colleagues and the most ostentatious single rhythm guitarist this side of The Real Thing.

1982: The account featuring the previously posted Bow Wow Wow clip has been terminated, but this one makes an admirable replaement not just because Arabella has cheered up a but but for her remarkably designed hot pants and Matthew Ashman's tits T-shirt. The original Associates linked video is still there too but there's plenty going on here, they having seemingly been given the failing power station set to which they add Billy's French spy chic, a banjo, some marvellous one-handed keyboard playing in period dress and a hell of a camera bump at 1:14. Also worth watching the chap front left just after two minutes who spots a camera and does everything possible with one arm aloft in order to be noticed, never spotting that it's the wrong angle.

1993: Imagine you knew nothing about Jamiroquai and then this soul kid in a furry hat and a jerkin of many colours comes on. I've commented before on random outbreaks of screaming in the middle of songs, but if anyone can work out what causes the reaction at 2:06 I'd be grateful to know. Top stick waving action to his side.

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