Thursday, 22 March 2012

22nd March

1979: It's always been said that Flick's routines could be too literal, but rarely quite like this: The Players Association's Turn The Music Up, so a mocked up massive radio with a volume knob it takes a hefty push to turn. Though wouldn't that be more likely to be the frequency dial? Also incorporating spinning, Kate Bush gets a big dark studio and a flowing dress to express within, just like Wuthering Heights.

1984: What's Martin Gore up to here? While his Depeche Mode bandmates prod Emulators or prance, he gets some tubular bells and a single bongo to work with. Oddly everyone has their own drumstick or hammer even though there's never call for a futuro-percussion jam within the song.

1990: With the evolution of dance into a commercial entity came something this blog has discussed before, the best way to put it on telly. What, then, if you don't really have to physically do a lot to get your track going? The quandary befell Orbital, whose amount of equipment additionally meant the dancer friend of someone from FFRR was unable to move from one corner of the set and hadn't quite realised how little other onstage activity there'd be. The Hartnolls weren't invited back for six years.

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