Sunday, 18 March 2012

18th March

1982: Sal Solo of Classix Nouveaux actually is a little scary, isn't he? Big bald man carrying on like Marc Almond used to is very much of its time, but the outbreaks of falsetto are like lulling sailors onto the rocks. Obviously the real highlight is the frame-in-frame-in-frame stop-motion bit near the end. Well done, director. 1982 and thereabouts was bloody weird anyway, Japan being considered pop material for a record that but for the percussive bits you'd hardly detect. This, I remind you, was the biggest hit by a band fronted by a teen pin-up. And there's an audience there, you can see their hands clapping at the end in the background. Given the party atmosphere developing on the show at the time, exactly what are they doing?

1993: Watch the very start of this clip, not just for Snow and his dancers waiting in keen anticipation for Hue & Cry to finish but the man who suddenly runs through the crowd and darts across the lip of the stage down to the side where he picks up the camera lead he was meant to be holding all along. You see him again at 1:52 encouraging the cameraman to step backwards off a ledge.

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