Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14th March

1974: Lord knows where this comes from, the rest of the show is lost, but memory tends not to remember how often Pan's People broke out the long gloves and Ascot hats for, oh, some reason. Their sophisticated twins come into play for Aretha Franklin.

1985: Paul Young tartan - chiefly grey but somehow still extravagant. Paul and his cantilevered hair are joined by a central casting Temptations clone, one given silly big glasses in an attempt at individuality.

1991: Happy Mondays had been a chart presence for a while by this point but Shaun Ryder never looked any more comfortable. He seems to forget where he is at one point. Bez meanwhile does what he does and hopes someone's watching. As you can see at the end this was the Comic Relief show, and one guess who Mayo's co-host was, which makes Ride seem all the more out of place. The only other studio appearance that week was by a debuting Chesney Hawkes, of whom more once he gets to number one, which must have constituted a head whirl experience.

1996: Presented by MN8. There's a booking that'd last the test of time. You can see a couple of them bobbing about right at the end, which is odd as it's Bis, their infamous exclusive appearance before being signed (though they weren't really the first unsigned band to appear on the show, plenty of passing fancies years before had been on one off/self-funded deals) At the other end of the scale Gary Numan, as we've seen and will see, was guaranteed a big hit every time through the first half of the 80s so was on the show quite a bit. Off the back of an advert Cars got back in the charts in remixed form which enabled him to pretend to sweep the stage floor. At 1:05 the unique sound of Gary Numan stifling a giggle at something.

1997: Yeah, I know. No, I don't know. And this time it's Ian Broudie hosting! Peter Hook's at a loose end these days, he could just reform Monaco and abandon bass miming when he feels like it. You do kind of suspect he's overdoing it on the low-slung front in the middle. And now, Declan Donnelly The One Chord Wonder! Ant & Dec's attempt at going 'the grown-up sensitive one' was always going to be held back by, well, the fact they're Ant & Dec, and also everyone has dressed smartly for the occasion except Ant, and he's the lead singer. The Spice Girls were number one, which is here just because, nothing interesting happens in it apart from how excited Mel C gets at the end.

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