Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6th March

1980: On lovingly degraded VHS, UK Subs try to assert punk's not dead. Some excellent windmill jumping towards the end. But no, it's all Martha & The Muffins-like new wave round here. That and a meta Legs & Co routine to Fern Kinney's Together We Are Beautiful, which as the blurb mentions contains a shot of Pauline's actual wedding photo.

1986: A free pass into this blog comes for any and all Kate Bush, though the showiness for Hounds Of Love is a hand in the pocket of her power suit jacket. Nice rhetorical question on Gary's top at the end, the type Whistle might have better appreciated. The design might go with their furry hats. Meanwhile how many people can Jim Diamond fit on stage for his his Boon theme?

1998: With all the pop blog love expanded towards her it's easy to forget Robyn was in 1998 basically Max Martin giving his Britney work a subtler vehicle a year early, right down to the ad libs. Shouldn't those two sets of dancers be co-ordinated in some way? Meanwhile the Spice Girls are away - Zurich, Frankfurt or Bologna, by my reckoning - and have to videophone it in. Note the Toppotron (see Yes It's Number One passim) wasn't just a 1977 thing and that Geri can't convincingly say five words.

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