Friday, 16 March 2012

16th March

1978: I don't know if this was even possible given the tech, but it does seem like Elvis Costello and the Attractions are playing properly live here. Of course the 'angry nerd' chooses to stare you down while you're on your sofa. This was about the stage at which, from shying away from punk, Pops would just put anyone (within reason) on, hence The Vibrators and Knox's hairless chest, not to mention the inventive shot through the drum skin. How far it all looks from Demis Roussous lookalike who just hasn't put the full effort in Dan Hill and a kaleidoscopic forest of severed piano-playing hands

1989: Run for the hills, it's New Order 'live' on TOTP! Stephen doesn't look like he's entirely comfortable with his set-up. Hooky, obviously, does.

1995: The Comic Relief special, hosted by... oh, you guessed. Its status might explain the symbolism of the Alex Party singer in black surrounded by red dressed dancers, and maybe also the attire of The New Power Generation's frontman, officially known as Tora Tora, not that anyone can possibly tell who that is. There's an intriguing cameo from Mayte (who, wouldn't you have guessed, was the partner of, um, Tora Tora) too, taking over for the middle eight, wandering off to the side of the stage and then suddenly reappearing crowdsurfing in the sort of outfit that even for a TV audience would take some guts. Meanwhile the bloke on extravagantly designed keytar looks ready to launch a military coup once this one's over. Meanwhile we catch The Human League at an awkward moment where they're not sure how many of them should be the public face and who should be the focal point, and what exactly is Phil Oakey playing here?

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DJ Raggy said...

I reckon it's an autoharp that Phil Oakey's playing.