Friday, 2 March 2012

2nd March

1978: Kate Bush came by the studio three times in the name of Wuthering Heights. Having heard what the orchestra had done to her work first time around, this time she took no chances and brought her piano along, though it seems the potted flower display couldn't be removed without damage. The more earthbound, and green suited, Nick Lowe's band seem to be building their parts up a trifle, the pianist especially.

1989: Always nice when a band uploads its own Pops appearance and comments on it. Living In A Box reckon they were "dressed like performing circus monkeys", though in comments they realise it's probably based on the single sleeve artwork. We hope they paid those backing singers double for going through the full repertoire of on-the-spot interpretative movements available.

1995: Sandwiched by a salutory example of what ills befall when you ask Keith Allen to do something in the public eye, there's an odd reaction to Faith No More right at the start, as some youths can't decide whether their run-in is manufactured excitement for telly or proper pushing Wall Of Death. Mike Patton spends most of the song singing it at the bass drum, then at the end you can tell he's weighing up how hard he'd have to push to do Allen physical damage. The broad church of Pops also welcomed Mike & The Mechanics, Paul Carrack in the early stages of being mummified.

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