Sunday, 25 March 2012

25th March

1964: Wiped, but a piece of small but significant Pops history landed here as the Beatles performed You Can't Do That and Can't Buy Me Love back to back, something very few - the Jam, Oasis, the Ramones for some reason - went on to do in the show's history. As these things are kept in meticulous detail we know the songs were pre-recorded on the 19th in London without an audience, the show still being based in Manchester.

1976: Pan's People *and* Cherry! Oh, you spoil us. Ver People give The Beatles' Yesterday the once-over in outfits left over from the photoshoot for the queens in a pack of playing cards. Cherry's death stare half way through is quite the thing.

1982: Hosted by Peter Powell and... Garth Crooks! Fantastic! Notice the way he completely misreads Powell's opening question before getting to bellow Altered Images' name. Is that a hat or is Clare demonstrating her tray balancing skills? Garth's first solo spot is for the neither one thing nor the other attired Bucks Fizz. He's not reading that, honest. Unfortunately he doesn't get the Foster & Allen intro gig, where it's difficult to ascertain what's less fitting - the mirrorball lighting, the dancing behind or the green jackets. Rare is the number one band who can seamlessly blend close harmony pop and fire breathing, but Goombay Dance Band are such people. Smoke alarms weren't in common usage in those days. By the end Garth has inherited a hat.

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