Saturday, 24 March 2012

24th March

1977: Though we wouldn't know it, this was where T.Rex and Marc Bolan left the TOTP scene, looking about as elfin as one can in a yellow jacket. The keyboard player isn't exactly fitting in with the glam look either. Far classier, Elkie Brooks and her smartly tuened out band, even the pianist with the big afro. The Ladybirds make a rare on-screen cameo, for a very short while. Dead End Kids, a great 1977 rock name given to the wrong type of band, tried to match post-Rollers teen pop to studious tubular bells playing.

1988: You kind of imagine that having gone to the lengths of hiring two dancers to bring her onto the stage Sinitta expected a big welcome from the audience, but no dice. Those are quite clashing colours too, and that's just in her hair.

1994: Nice shirt, Mr Mayo! Watching Robbie take lead vocals with Take That before he had to work on his solo frontman craft is an odd thing, watching the same charismatic face we've become used to with floppy Theakston-like 90s hair and really attempting to exude rather than making it seem everything is coming naturally to him. Meanwhile over in America that seems far too many people even just for Salt N Pepa With En Vogue, especially the couple sneaked in at the back.

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