Saturday, 17 March 2012

17th March

1977: Cliff Richard going country didn't last very long but without it we'd never have seen his power chord air guitar technique.

1983: While Bucks Fizz were starting to adopt costumes in which they wouldn't catch their death if they went out dressed like that, it's been replaced by trouser design intrigue. And what's with Jay's hat? Also, swaying in time and then taking a few paces, turning around and taking a few paces back is not strictly a charged dance routine. Plus that isn't even the most famous performance of the song on BBC TV - thank god Saturday Superstore technology never fell into the wrong hands. No matter how big her band, Joan Armatrading can't help but seem out of place on that big stage with those populous surroundings. Bassist thinks he's Knopfler too.

1988: While it's headgear all round for Aswad, the combination of trilby and brown suede jacket giving them an unfortunate image as reggae's own second hand car salesmen.

1994: Looking comfortable there, Mark Owen. So excited are the audience by their proximity to an actual Take That member (and Robbie was co-hosting) they take a moment to notice that it's actually Alison Moyet on stage, though with that hair you or I might have struggled too. Horrible missed note at 0:32. Not that I want to point it out or anything. Tori Amos commands some respect from them, as is her wont. Blur's Girls And Boys opened, perhaps giving Robbie some ideas, but that's not showed up online.

2000: Geri Halliwell. Never let it be forgotten. Her spiritual mother Lulu was on one of her semi-regular slight comebacks, this one marked by her wearing shades indoors and doing hardly anything with her big voice.

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