Thursday, 8 March 2012

8th March

1979: No, Legs & Co never danced to Pretty Vacant, the video was shown on TOTP but it becoming a routine is an urban myth. But they did dance to the post-Rotten Sex Pistols' Something Else, practically straight-up rock'n'roll with Sid on lead so not strictly razing the Roxy, though it's still an infamously multi-coloured costumed and bewigged routine. The kids crowded round the edge of the dancefloor are impressed. No, not impressed, the other one. Catatonic, that's it. Lord knows what the unusually leather jacketed Buzzcocks across the studio made of it. This is a hugely conflicted show, starting with Inner Circle not quite deciding whether they're reggae, funk or Clapton, then Dennis Brown plunging 99% of the studio into artful darkness and towards the end Motorhead pummelling as only they could. And no, this came out before Ace Of Spades.

1984: Glitter rather than men rains on The Weather Girls and their ambitiously purple tops but it doesn't seem to disappoint anyone, not when cheap graphics are involved. Gary Davies' intro stops just short of "look at these fat biffers!" You can see the remnants of that shower underneath Bananarama's feet. Matching white jackets? Is this, perish the thought, professionalism creeping into their approach? Another avatar of the 80s, a more stylistically sound one, makes her Pops debut, Sade. That bassist is actually standing up, isn't he?

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