Friday, 30 March 2012

30th March

1978: Though we saw Les Gray on TOTP77 solo recently that didn't mean the end of Mud. They never charted again, though, as you could probably have predicted once you'd seen the rockabilly swerve with Les in a baseball cap. No, the record buying public preferred talents like Richard Myhill, who looks curiously like a self-awarely 'mad' Chris De Burgh and actually did get on TV pretending to waltz with a blow-up doll. Despite the absolute bemusement stageside this did actually go top 20.

1989: There were two phases of Fuzzbox's career, and while everyone forgets they shortened the name for this one otherwise never the twain seem to meet. The novelty-ish synthpop bit and emphasising Vix generally doesn't seem to sit as evenly with all of the band.

1995: Famous in its day, this, Menswear get on the show for their debut limited edition single, Johnny Dean proving red military jackets in indie didn't start with Doherty. One can only wonder what Courtney Love made of it, being on hand with Hole with all the puppydog emotiveness that implies.

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