Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7th March

1985: Peel and Long, chiefly the latter, claim this is Shakin' Stevens' fiftieth appearance, though I can only count 45 in total and he still had a few hits to go. Whatever, see here the mastery of the instrumental break that some never connect with as he demonstrates various comedy walks, including a mock-Jagger and what seems to be a forward moonwalk. Shortly afterwards, a facetious bum wiggle.

1991: Oh blimey, Hale & Pace's Comic Relief single. Like much of their career, especially that on the BBC, they don't do anything funny. Great graphic at the start. Slightly different, some might argue, to the skate chic fraggle of Ned's Atomic Dustbin. The close-up of a guitar not being played is a winning point of direction.

1996: Presented by Louise Wener, for some reason. She seems conflicted accounting it back in her book. She also admits large amounts of jealousy-related hatred for other female-fronted bands of the era, but she's putting a brave face on it for Lush, though she could just have stopped talking rather than the middle bit explaining the song. She's right about Take That, this was their last appearance in the original run, the girls in the audience refusing to let go of their emotions just yet - you don't often hear singing along from a telly crowd. For the occasion they let Mark wear his favourite tank top.

2003: You'd hope Junior Senior on telly might have been more than golf visors, Junior singing along with the playback and Senior going "c'mon!" whenever the mood arises, but never mind. Why are the audience waving their arms like it's a soft ballad? Besides the real staging oddity was elsewhere, with Royksopp and their adapted holiday drive. Hope the girl was being well paid.

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THX said...

Royskopp's driving reminds me of the revolving Orb doing Toxygene, another weird try at making a band drily operating their keyboards and whatnot look exciting. It doesn't seem to be on YT so you'll have to take my word for it.