Monday, 19 March 2012

19th March

1981: There's actually six or seven Pops from this day but there's either nothing available or nothing interesting. Instead, let's talk dancers. The reason why Legs & Co have never been afforded the same status as Pan's People is, I think, because they were all too willing to end up as backdrop for someone who didn't need dancer backdrop. Here, for example, is Sharon Redd giving it plenty of expressive body language in her sparkly catsuit and a bit of cloth she gets to play with for a bit, on one side the audience is enacting some sort of unison hand jive like they're not really listening at all, and completely ignored by everyone else except the odd directorial cut are six women who must have thought they wouldn't end up as set dressing for an awkward empty bit of the frame. They did get a solo dance, but it's a Serious Moodiness effort featuring description-defying periods of tableau, for Stevie Wonder's Lately, Pauline's last appearance with them after four and a half years' service.

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