Monday, 5 March 2012

5th March

1970: Repeated this week, this should have been on the 12th February post. Sorry. It's not like it's anything important like John Lennon's only solo studio appearance or whatever, a song only recorded sixteen days before that performance. Yoko plays her expected part, but the man behind Lennon with nothing but a tambourine to hand must have a story. He's certainly not the man on tambourine in the less familiar take recorded in the same session, as that's famed Beatles road manager Mal Evans.

1981: Talk about setting your image out from the start. Duran Duran's debut has all the early signifiers - Simon's puffy shirt, Nick's rococo image and ozone-depleting layers of dry ice and hairspray alike. Some helpful explanation of what this Planet Earth thing is towards the middle too. At the other end of the longevity scale The Who made their 21st and final appearance, Kenney Jones filling in for the unavoidably dead Keith Moon. The audience seem rather more animated when Shakin' Stevens steps in with his swing dancers and surrounds himself with people keener on clapping than, well, watching. Meanwhile Phil Collins is still touting that symbolic paint pot around. He's brought the brass section but every other instrument can apparently fend for itself.

1987: Sensitive ol' Morten and A-Ha, with his cheeky wink at 1:58 and his leather jacket patch, stands as master of the pop domain against such machine tooled works as Mel & Kim in their nearly matching everything, Spanish hats inclusive.

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