Tuesday, 20 March 2012

20th March

1975: "After what they did to me last week I think they've got a bit of a cheek showing their faces round here" Actually, Tony had been on an episode first shown three days before, but no matter, it's The Goodies taking it to the primate bridge. Do you get the impression that certain (doctorate) members are less keen on throwing themselves into matters than others? The pop moment is caught in a mighty state of flux this week, as glam nonsense like Kenny and their Joseph-like song-thematic trousers bumped into Casino cash-in Wigan's Ovation. There must have been a school of thought that invoking the town's name in factory produced Northern Soul must have been hip for a moment, Wigan's Chosen Few and the infamous Northern Soul dancers drafted in to Pops as there was no actual band (that doesn't exist any more, at the BBC at least) was only two months before. Anyway, somewhere in the middle of all this, the first of many heralded comebacks by Lulu. On her many 80s and 90s revivals she's steer clear of the knotted scarf and Princess Anne hairdo.

1980: It's filters on overdrive for Rush as seen through the Legs & Co prism. It's the interlaid mini-routines that make this, especially the one in the car. If that was what Canada was sending us, we were replying with the lively mod stylings of The Lambrettas. Of course Mike Read would know of the original.

1998: You can tell it's IndieKylie, nobody's doing anything bar singing/playing. Eventually the camera crane has to tempt her just to turn a bit.

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