Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13th June

1974: nothing remains from this, but it was the last show before a technician's strike blanked the show out for seven weeks. There is a theory that it may have changed the course of pop history, as glam suddenly fell away and soul started having a lot of big hits, suggesting a popular rise in club music mirrored by disco's commercial renaissance after the 1980 strike.

1985: Nice hat, Dixie. Scritti Politti open and Green dresses smartly for the occasion, as does Marillion's Fish in a more nationalistic way, while Sister Sledge give the lead singer the only flattering dress.

1991: Massive Attack get special lighting; Color Me Badd haven't worked out how colour coding suits is supposed to work. That's Jakki Brambles, by the way.

1992: Ah, so that's why The Wedding Present's David Gedge usually has a guitar. As far as Incognito go it's the brass section who are putting in the work.

1997: Oh, Jo, you're so rock and roll. Rosie Gaines opens again, this time with a different version and even bigger notes, a mini-rap section and a bigger coat. Big performance but the slap bass solo is just a step too far. Neither Jon Bon Jovi nor En Vogue on their big empty stage can compete.

2003: Marilyn Manson's stovepipe hat isn't as good as Noddy Holder's. Ooh, ironic dancers, you're hard. Something the show did for a little bit was little useless backstage nuggets from one of the big acts in the studio that week, here Evanescence claiming a candelabra makes something 'totally goth'. Lucky Fearne wasn't hosting this one, she'd have had hand cramps from making permanent devil horns to camera.

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