Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19th June

1986: Heavy with symbolism, Bucks Fizz relaunched with Shelley Preston in her pants replacing Jay Aston and some far from convincing percussion. Nu Shooz's progressive mix of guitar and cowbell plus a cut down overcoat worked wonders.

1998: A superbly passive-aggressive comment from whichever member of Silver Sun uploaded this notes the England flags some of the audience are waving were because "certain members of the band were keen to support our national side". Actually, maybe he should have been worrying about how to get those cutouts back in the van in one piece as the flags were there regardless due to the show being littered with World Cup fever. Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds didn't get to do the show for the original Three Lions two years earlier so Frank was justified in bringing his French horn along for the occasion. Skinner now says they shouldn't have succumbed to recording the rewrite, by the way. But if that was a production, Fat Les weren't to be denied the whole nine yards and then some. The Elstree studios were next door to the Eastenders set, something everyone concerned was more than willing to take on in a recreation of the video but for Paul Kaye swapping his Richard Ashcroft rip for his more familiar identity. And it not ending on a TV studio stage in the video, obviously. Note censored pre-Janet wardrobe malfunction too, not that the show was going to draw attention to it with an unnecessarily huge graphic or anything. Five brought their own adapted shirts, Ian Brown couldn't care less.

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