Thursday, 14 June 2012

14th June

1979: Lover's rock, big notes and a reflective headdress for Janet Kay, falsetto funk and Guantanamo Bay boiler suit pre-empting from date-getting-wrong Match and Johnny Pearson's lot getting in vision and making a decent fist of McFadden & Whitehead. Note the growth of an extra Ladybird and watch for the bloke accidentally wandering into shot. Legs & Co got Lene Lovich, failed to be as nuts as Lovich demands but do get to do some close-up expression acting.

1984: Free Smiths pass to these blogs in effect. The Morrissey look this time - still with the hearing aid from last time, also adopting the glasses and paisley shirt. No Nick Heyward he. Elsewhere Green Gartside of Scritti Politti borrows Diana's hair, The Art Company are overshadowed by the insistence on handclaps, the singer's tache and the huge flag at the back, and we wallow in the multi-instrumental talent and strutting of Nik Kershaw. That woman at the start looks delighted to have Mike Read's arm over her shoulder, doesn't she? Now, see the T-shirts at the back of the studio there? They're anticipating the sturm und drang of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Look at all the flags!

1990: Having Betty Boo flanked by doppelgangers on her debut may seem clever, but that really isn't the time to switch to the full length trouser.

1996: The first Pops ever to be moved to BBC2, due to the Olympics. Treble the work for Paul Weller, as he plays two songs off his then current album in front of a hyperventilating Mark Owen having lent piano skills to Ocean Colour Scene. Just along the way the Girls And Boys-sampling Pianoman doesn't even make any concession to his own musical stagecraft.

2002: No Doubt's Gwen Stefani won't feel the benefit later if she insists on wearing a scarf indoors.

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Des Elmes said...

1996: The first Pops ever to be moved to BBC2, due to the Olympics.

Was it not due to some big football tournament...?