Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27th June

1985: Peter Powell might have a warning graphic on his jumper, as well as being able to lead Smitty in some hand action choreography, but it seems a lot of effort to go to just for Paul Young, his fringey coat and his I-saw-the-Temptations-once backing vocalists. It may be for charity (the Ben Hardwick Memorial Fund for the families of children with liver disease, since you ask) but Marti Webb sitting down in soft focus is a huge emotion jaunt especially so shortly after Rory Bremner as The Commentators.

1991: The Divinyls' Christina Amphlett in her big fluffy jacket can coo and pout all she likes, TOTP's own intro graphic comfortably tops her for unsubtlety. Her colleague's attempt to show playing guitar vertically is no big thing is less convincing. The graphics people had a week of it, going Rubik for dancing-girls-hired-by-the-label manque Cubic 22 and finding the drag-across-the screen option to show how exciting Jason Donovan being at number one with his Joseph song and his ten hangers-on really was. No such messing about where Lenny Kravitz is concerned, and none required when Erasure have brought their disturbing doppelgangers along. At least Vince remembered to wear the same costume as them.

2003: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Excitable.

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