Thursday, 7 June 2012

7th June

1979: Pops' first sighting of Annie Lennox and, in a background he'd never try and inhabit again, a moustachioed Dave Stewart with The Tourists in new wave mode. Annie's made better fashion choices then those electric blue leggins. Dollar pledge sickly mutual love despite their drummer's best attempt to snatch the limelight - compare and contrast to a blunt Eddy Grant's lively synth player. Linda Lewis finds her talents underused again while wearing a throw rug. Now, Anita Ward's Ring My Bell... what could Flick do with that? Morris dancing handkerchiefs, sashes, elaborate hats and swimming costumes, obviously.

1984: Last stand for the Rhythm Pals, and indeed Jensen's last TOTP before jumping ship to Capital and the Network Chart Show. Spandau Ballet model leather jacket for the uncommon man chic, Howard Jones finds a saxophonist in shades no replacement for Jed, Evelyn Thomas favours the lurid pink jumpsuit and being the centre of balloon attention, two of Zoo provide a not entirely in keeping accompaniment to Bronski Beat and at number one Wham!, "who've modelled themselves on us", put glue and glitter on their Katherine Hamnett T's while the cameraman at the front misjudges the size and shape of the stage.

1990: MC Tunes vs 808 State, and two running man-friendly dancers, try their best though I'm more interested in whatever's going on at 1:12. More to the point they're suffering in the wake of World Cup fever, harnessed by Pop Will Eat Itself with the aid of Sisters Of Mercy's Patricia Morrison, and brought to full fruition by England New Order. Indeed, at the end of the chart countdowns (from 3:50) we cross live-ish to Sardinia and meet a relaxed squad, some of whom think Gazza's witticism is the most amusing thing they've ever heard.

2002: Twelve years on from World In Motion, Bell & Spurling. To think they called it progress. A song liberally used in England exit montages for years to come by Oasis also shows up, Liam bellowing away. David Bowie doesn't fit into that lineage at all, but here he is anyway.

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