Wednesday, 20 June 2012

20th June

1985: The order of sensible dancing in reductive order in Fine Young Cannibals ran right to left. Who says you never learn anything from the internet? The description of the uploader of this Harold Faltermeyer clip has him bang to rights.

1991: "Colour" and "lights". Nicky Campbell really offering us the world there as he introduces a slightly spruced up look under new management of Stanley Appel. Management that did away with Campbell and his Radio 1 ilk just three and a half months later. Ratings. Rebel MC was first on, surely making Appel's live-only heart shake with something that even now sounds a bit of a mess. Not that unreasonably there was something of a controversy over Latour, and not for that choice of pink cap. At least you're on safe ground with Bette Midler and her many mirrorballs. Some of the audience cheer the first line like it's Stars In Their Eyes.

1997: Tim Burgess of The Charlatans admits this was at the outset of his coke phase, which explains that choice of top. Finley Quaye has saddled himself with a jazz fusion band. Backing requirements have never been high on Pet Shop Boys' agenda, of course, which means they can work in some of whatever video art and design Neil was into then. Filmed comfortably away from an audience too.


Mikey said...

Hmmm, the 1991 show is interesting. Nicky Campbell does indeed says that TOTP has a new look, although that had been introduced partially 2 weeks earlier and in full on the 13th June show. The difference was that the graphics for the Breakers were dropped, and the chart was also displayed without the full graphics as they ran across the bottom of the screen during the first video. In addition, the presenter no longer stood among the audience but separate on a balcony or in front of a CSO screen (as had been tried around 1970).

Also, Stanley Appel didn't actually take over until the following week. This show was produced by Michael Hurll (who had been filling in for a terminally-ill Paul Ciani for the past 2 months). Appel took over with effect from the 27th June show. Hurll would return just 4 more times, covering Appel's holiday in the summer of the following year.

Simon said...

In other news, the show's cancellation was announced on this day in 2006.