Saturday, 30 June 2012

30th June

1983: Jody Watley of Shalamar's keyboard style, not to mention outfit, is quite something, especially between two people who couldn't be more disco-funk 80s styled. To think we preferred the ultra-shiny suit of Paul Young and the huge glasses of Tom Robinson as style tips. The Bucks Fizz wardrobe is rather more alarming in its opaque directness. I suspect they're trying to style themselves after variants of film and TV characters (Rambo, Cabaret, um, Man From Del Monte...), but it does nobody much good when Cheryl Baker's essentially spending nearly three and a half minutes showing the audience her crotch.

1988: Matt Bianco, authentically West Indian. As you can see.

1994: Here's something to consider. Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman begin by prominently displaying a Union Jack as part of their act. Surely watching across the studio, and appearing minutes later for their TOTP debut, Oasis. I'm not outright suggesting one influenced the other, but...

2000: Oasis again, this time so big they can afford to do the song with just Gem and a keyboard player acoustically and have Noel's visage on massive screens like Knebworth exiled to a studio. Limp Bizkit stayed in America and had some friends round. Wes Borland dressed up especially for us.

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