Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd June

1977: The whole show is here, of which the highlights are the big honky-tonk gospel stylings of Elkie Brooks and her troupe giving themselves a big reception at the end, Noel openly mocking The Four Seasons, Twiggy dressed like the lead in a very cheap school theatre production of Robin Hood, Legs & Co's distracting light show and the Strawbs' singer looking like Noel without the beard.

1983: Jimmy and Tony, a pairing that first came together on the show in October 1967, introduce classic boys-in-leather-jackets, girls-answering-back early Wham!, big Booker Newberry III surprised by the turnout of Zoo around him and The Style Council indulging in mood lighting, quasi-rapping and Mick's big hat.

1994: The whole thing, starring Big Mountain, the Beautiful South, Arrested Development, Salt'n'Pepa, Pulp (their debut, with Jarvis' celebrated 'I HATE WET WET WET' jacket lining), Mariah Carey and, for the first of what we could never have imagined at this stage would be a whole summer's worth of chart topping, Wet Wet Wet.

2000: Belle & Sebastian, unlikely as it seemed at the time, get on telly and have a ball with it, replete with their producer surprising them in a gorilla suit.

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