Friday, 22 June 2012

22nd June

1972: From a show left on a series of radiators overnight, The New Seekers do their thing, but more excitingly The Move, Wood and Lynne together as it should be, in front of a big picture of a train. Watch basically everyone bar Jeff jive. Free get the treatment from original recipe Pan's People "as you've never seen them before", by which I assume we've never seen them in those costumes before.

1978: Showaddywaddy were so overmanned members ended up with chores such as bubble machine duty. Doing far less Bob Marley & The Wailers really do far more. Whitesnake attempt to hide David Coverdale near the back. Legs & Co take up Fedoras and leopard print leotards for Marshall Hain.

1989: Living In A Box, uploaded by the band with given the date (which they've got wrong themselves) is surely some erroneous description detail, bring a much too nonchalant horn section. The Bangles' choice of lead singer for this song wrongfoots everyone.

1990: Sonia and Big Fun for charity, apparently causing more children to be abused or something. Couldn't they sit together? Like that it's as if there's something wrong with either party. Now we're used to his Vegas spectacle scale, odd to see Elton John hunched over a standard Roland keyboard and nothing else. Hat borrowed from Chris Lowe.

1995: EMF with Reeves and Mortimer. Who's dragging the other along here?

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