Friday, 1 June 2012

1st June

1972: Neil Diamond and his lovely dress shirt.

1973: Gerry Rafferty unveils his specially stencilled guitar with Stealer's Wheel.

1989: With the aid of a piece of scaffolding, Vickie Perks of Fuzzbox here tries out the 'space Barbarella as frontwoman' look.

1995: Nice self-promoting T-shirt, Mark. Therapy? get the lights going, Radiohead are outside a US town hall or church type building which presumably holds some symbolism, Pulp have another dash round Smashing for dancers and Black Grape entrust Bez with mimed harmonica. Nice self-editing, Shaun.

2001: Blue take it in turns on their debut, Dido ensures everyone else on stage stays firmly in the shade and DJ Pied Piper rides the UK garage/Ayia Napa crest of a wave. When have you ever heard a crowd response on the show like that?

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