Sunday, 24 June 2012

24th June

1971: Middle Of The Road plus 1971 caption roller. The rest of the band in very 70s brown.

1976: Double hit of Ruby Flipper is the standout this week: Cherry Gillespie's solo routine to Dorothy Moore is rightly acclaimed, less so the full group routine to Mistura. Is it fair to assume one of the pitfalls of Flick's multi-sexed troupe dream was the costumers didn't really know what to do with the boys?

1982: One of the great Pops performances on this day, and it doesn't even involve instruments. Or singing. Or miming. Jeffrey Daniel of Shalamar, a band who'd been having hits for six years without ever making the trip over, was on holiday in Britain when A Night To Remember charted and someone at the show was aware of his dancing ability. I don't know if that's Zoo forming a semi-circle round him but I hope they were suitably chastened. Sensing competition, Imagination pull their old trick of starting off playing instruments and then just abandoning all pretense, this time with the addition of ludicrous accessories. The one on the left looks like he got his head stuck in some polythene. In fact it's not a great week for instrumentation as Bucks Fizz go acapella. The chart rundowns see Jeffrey join Dave but not actually do anything with him.

1993: East 17 decide West End Girls would be greater without the subtlety. Via satellite, Chaka Demus & Pliers show off their harem. With that sort of competition, Brian May brings out all the hairy rock cliches. It takes Gabrielle to class up the joint with the aid of a hastily erected red velvet curtain and carpet.

2005: Shakin' Stevens had just won much forgotten old-hitmakers-return ITV1 show Hit Me Baby One More Time, so obviously the next step was to cover Pink. Reggie Yates clearly has no idea who he is.

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