Saturday, 16 June 2012

16th June

1966: The Hollies in profile and then in front of a swirling vortex of doom.

1977: The full show starts with something alarming, John Miles' racing funk workout replete with talkbox solo, making it notable when the tube falls out of his mouth halfway through. It's followed in short order by Kid getting the title of Hot Chocolate's big hit wrong, Queen on grandiose form in an empty studio, Archie Bell offering a challenge to Soul Train that we're sure could be easily more than matched, Legs & Co joined by Floyd and some much less confident movers, the Foster Brothers' singer's spectacular guitar solo gurning and Kid bellowing the title of Tom Petty's single on a rare UK TV appearance.

1983: Imagination vs Shalamar - in the battle of all-dancing trios who wins out? Shalamar, of course, for Jody Watley's Little House On Studio 54 outfit. The uploader calls this Marillion slot "a rather amusing performance", a broad way of describing Fish waving his arms about. The Truth were also-ran new wavers, but the main points of note in that clip are a) someone's actually brought one of those big foam fingers with them and b) what happens to it at 1:09.

1988: Obviously the most interesting thing about Sabrina's appearance is the cowboy hatted drummer and his stand-up kit. Oddly no cowboy hats for The Sisters Of Mercy, but there is appropriately darkened lighting. Best thing about Bros: the end graphic.

2000: Two pieces of folly for the price of one: York sampling Chris Rea, persuading him along but not giving him any closeups until right at the end, and in the shots you can see him in he sports a permanent bemused expression, and then Daphne & Celeste. Can't go downwards from there? Everyone forgets Fat Les were given the official England song gig for that year's Euros and came up with a choral version of Jerusalem for no good reason other than it got even more of their mates on telly. I imagine Lily's in there somewhere. Is she the one waving at camera at 0:43? Might be Alfie to her left.

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