Sunday, 3 June 2012

3rd June

1976: With a new theme for Seaside Special, Mike Batt's human playthings New Edition (not that one) don't make British seasides look all that enticing. Our Kid do likewise for pop fame at an early age.

1982: Another full show, and full of fun: ABC with Martin Fry's formation style team, Echo & The Bunnymen with noticeably nobody mentioning the bestilted elephant in the room (seriously, why and where from?), Siouxsie & the Banshees on imperious goth form, the Fun Boy Three with a jiving horn section, Charlene, Madness with a message from Japan and Junior in the midst of anything.

1993: Jamiroquai fill the stage with people and 'stuff', seemingly including a living room table, A-Ha still have the mysterious Nordic sex appeal going on and PM Dawn and Boy George settle in Disneyworld. How did they get the baby grand past security?

2005: With the unfortunately unavailable due to non-existance Crazy Frog number one, it's a grand return to TOTP for the concept of an in-house dance troupe. Back to the Ruby Flipper mixed gender ideal they may be, but these don't deserve a name.

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