Saturday, 23 June 2012

23rd June

1966: The Kinks deliver a classic in front of an audience that can't even fill the shot.

1977: Is that Nick Lowe lurking behind Dave Edmunds on his Chuck Berry rip? Yes it is, in his Ramones hair, and he's virtually trying to take over lead vocals at one stage. This was where Brotherhood Of Man turned into a certain other mixed sex band, though did you ever see Benny and Bjorn joining in with the moves?

1983: Elton John in his pomp of the time - fedora, shades, white piano. Elsewhere, this ten minute wodge includes Mike Oldfield and H2O as well as Dennis Lillee with some woman's hand on his shoulder. Oldfield's rhythm guitarist fancies his piece. Someone in the comments reckons that's Jeff 'Reg Hollis' Stewart to the left of Peter Powell as the latter introduces H2O and they could be right.

1988: Is it too much to suggest the fad for pop bands doing acoustic versions to prove they could do it without studio electronic trickery started with this Eurythmics performance? Oh, Dave. As with UB40 and Chrissie Hynde, there's a noticeable amount of in-studio vocal echo.

1994: Session Mostly White Reggae Miming Band #47 are dragged out for Dawn Penn. Simon Mayo's opening link for Cappella makes no sense (apart from it being during the World Cup) but the front vocal two seem highly unbothered by what's going on around them. Not for the last time Shed Seven are welcomed by flaming torches but this is surely the most hyper audience they ever played to. Look at the headbanging at 1:29. Rick Witter's T-shirt bears an image of... himself. Wet Wet Wet were into four weeks at number one and decided to celebrate with a little dressing up.

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