Friday, 8 June 2012

8th June

1972: The Sweet at their most unrepossessing.

1978: Fine musical contrasts indeed, Noel, as we see both Brotherhood Of Man adding an all-white angle to their latest ABBA takeoff and AC/DC putting Angus out in front where he won't get in the way.

1983: Zoo must have demanded a pay rise as they're all over this Rhythm Pals-fronted show, most glaringly when deciding "one of Bates' favourite bands" Twisted Sister really could do with some visual pizzazz. Cut away during the chorus to some people punching the air, I would. Then there's interpretative ballet for H2O, two-tier lineups for Shakatak as Peel gets caught out and ends up introducing the song after the vocals have started, and country dancing for Big Country. See what they did there? The audience amuse themselves by chucking endless balloons about. At least they keep their distance for The Imposter, though the audience make a rod for their own backs here by continually clapping just off the beat. The countdown's worth watching for Peel's comment out of this, not to mention the line he gets away with at 2:07. Not unreasonably David pauses for a moment.

1989: See Transvision Vamp's Wendy James come on late expecting her own cheers, only to receive none. Not with Jason Donovan and his formation dancing team still to come.

1995: Flawed heroics from Dodgy's Andy Miller, who waits until he's pretty much a shadowy speck in the distance before smashing his guitar. Jam & Spoon featuring Plavka have someone to vogue uselessly just for them.

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