Tuesday, 5 June 2012

5th June

1986: Cashflow show off shiny polyester suits, Pet Shop Boys an MCC member/rave kid conflating style. Chris was happy enough just with bashing syn-drums in those days. And right at the end, Gary Davies shows off his own rave-influenced fashion sense.

1998: Oh, timing. The Spice Girls' last televised performance as a five piece, Geri having officially announced her departure just the previous Sunday. Yes, of course the show tried to pretend it was filmed after that event. It was their example that left the doors open for all sorts of girl groups to flood through, even this same week N-Tyce having to leave their male rapper guest like a very spare part at the back of the stage for most of the time. At number one B*Witched were treading an ambitious denim seam gimmick, not matched by the pre-filmed visuals at the back. They didn't need that live fiddle interjection, all told.

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