Saturday, 9 June 2012

9th June

1977: Most of the jubilee week show, and the Sex Pistols aren't number one in this one either. Featured artists include a percussion frenzied Osibisa - the bongo player's never going to get any downward power using that motion - Neil Innes' unironic Silver Jubilee ("sailing in the yacht Britannia, nowhere in the world would ban ya"), the "island of Demis" and Bob Marley passing by, the occasion possibly getting to the director. The real highlight comes before the Stranglers repeat where Tony, seemingly physically unable to say 'punk' and having already described the town of the same name as "a very sensible place", puts his own description on their sound. You'll now find their records in the A Bit Of That Sort Of Rock section of your local store. Left out of that edit, The Wurzels repurposing I Was Kaiser Bill's Cowman and going through hundreds of comedy names and sounds.

1988: We welcome to the nation's living rooms The Timelords, and surely little did we know what Drummond and Cauty were going to subsequently do. Anyone who knows what the T-shirts say, do let on. Doubtless much to the excitement of Mozphiles Voice Of The Beehive, this was the solo Pops debut of Morrissey, quiff more pronounced than ever, Smiths T-shirt worn proudly. None of that for Maxi Priest.

1994: Stand by your phones, outraged middle England, it's Manic Street Preachers with James in his monographed balaclava and everyone else in their military best. 25,000 complaints, apparently, the most in the show's history. Note how before the bit at the end the director panics and cuts back to guest hosts Vic and Bob too early. No such issues for besuited Blur, given some fitting contrast down visual effects.

2000: Dr Dre's only studio visit came with Eminem, some protective fencing and a vertigo-baiting DJ setup. Simplicity. Unlike Stephen Gately's cast of thousands, complete with confetti drop to magnify the grandiloquence.

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