Friday, 13 July 2012

13th July

1972: Talk about a classic period in rock's rich tapestry - just last week (in 1972 terms) we had Starman, and here's another performance that made its singer a legend on the spot. Alice Cooper was dawdling at 44 at the time; one liberated balloon, one uncommon stage invader and four weeks later it was being repeated as the number one. Mary Whitehouse complained about the sword, it's said.

1978: Why, it's as if Bob Marley & The Wailers are in the centre of New York all along. Renaissance seem to take in every type of music, bar glam, from about six years earlier at once.

1989: Typical late 80s smooth soul-pop from Waterfront.

1995: Presented by Dale Winton in the exact way you'd expect Dale Winton to host Top Of The Pops, the start and end of this one are online; to start, Jinny and MN8 could dance all night; at the end Dale delivers the greatest sentence ever uttered about Courtney Love before Edwyn Collins repeated, Supergrass and the Outhere Brothers. That audience really are well trained.

2001: Weezer's only studio visit, the title changed (as it was on Radio 1) from Hash Pipe. Rivers remembers too.

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Simon said...

Just going to add down here a quote from a new book of Whitehouse's letters to the BBC, re School's Out: "Because of this millions of young people are now imbibing a philosophy of violence and anarchy... It is our view that if there is increasing violence in the schools during the coming term, the BBC will not be able to evade their share of the blame." Cooper sent her flowers as gratitude for the publicity.