Monday, 23 July 2012

23rd July

1981: When they write the story of early 80s chart pop medleys rarely get a look-in, but after Starsound's surprise success everyone seemed to be at it. On this show alone Back To The 60s by the original studio-bound version of Tight Fit was followed by Gidea Park deciding a single basic disco drumbeat was just what the Beach Boys back catalogue was missing.

1992: Sunscreem's cast of many, including two completely useless entities, are led by the sort of haircut you only got within the mainstream and away from Levellers gigs for about three months in 1992. Meanwhile Enya's piano hasn't really been decorated with due care if you look at the floor around it, though in fairness those Stepford cellists would disconcert me too.

1999: Madness - back in town and still playing it up for all they're worth, as they have every right to do. Cerys Matthews of Catatonia learned to love the camera but maybe never the stylist, sporting a million bracelets and some sort of crown and overdoing it so at 1:58 she briefly turns into Bjork. In impression terms Yomanda has the right idea with dancing majorettes, though before long they just become 'dancers', allied to a seasickness inducing visual effect. Through the magic of recordings for foreign TOTP franchises Destiny's Child do their well drilled thing and their grouching about automobills, whatever they are, in the round.

2006: Snow Patrol. Not particularly exciting in and of itself, but (albeit here from a German version reshowing) the final live act to ever perform in the studio...

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