Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July

1986: Something inscrutably worrying about the model soldier slumping to attention behind Stan Ridgway.

1998: AfterCeline Dion & the Bee Gees gather round Robin's big piano and Barry dresses like it's still 1978, Pras Michel is tasked with geeing the crowd back up. Canibus gives replacing ODB a shot but it's just not the same. Garbage try the more direct route, and don't think the cameraman hasn't spotted Shirley's hemline. Everything there is at least more interesting to watch than Eagle-Eye Cherry and his fully conscripted private army of acoustuc guitar players.


Penny said...

Maurice is playing the piano on Immortality , not Robin!

Chris Brown said...

Yes, you're right. But they were twins, weren't they?

Odd coincidence that you get two Gibb-penned hits in a row: 'Geto Superstar' is of course based on 'Islands In The Stream'. And Pras's only other hit used a Gibb sample too.