Thursday, 26 July 2012

26th July

1979: The 800th show, which explains the slow pan at the end of Showaddywaddy. The choreography got more complicated at the years progressed. Not something that can often be said of Legs & Co, here not only revealing their questionable taste in special gifts but illustrating Patrick Hernandez in rather too literal costumes. Sue says this was one of her least favourite routines in her five year stint on the show, and at 2:08 you can probably tell why. Buzzcocks and The Undertones with overactive Sharkey keep up the apres-punk spirit but maybe the likes of Spyro Gyra spoke more for the age - sax, moog, active bongo player and stupidly haired bassist. And that's before we've got near the extraordinary deadpan of Telex. Pre-recorded footage? Was that allowed?

1984: The first time Neil was on the show (on the 12th), John Peel cheerily introduced him with something in keeping with its intentions. This second time he was on, he was introduced by DLT. Note the difference. Again, Nigel Planer keeps his end up, not pratfalling but aided by a well placed smoke machine. So yeah, DLT, who we see before Phil Fearon & Galaxy with an arm around a curiously coiffured Janice Long's shoulder. The backing singers show what number they can count up to. Shakatak's Bill Sharpe is nobody's mate this week, though his shirt is even more hideous, the attention taken by Jill Saward's adventurously cut dress. Having not been allowed on first time around Frankie Goes To Hollywood were evidently ever ready to come on every week they were allowed. Someone had been handing over Neil's leftover flowers in preparation.

1990: River City People considered the Mamas and the Papas incomplete without a hat.

1996: Well, there's an intro the rest of the programme may not live up to. After it, Pato Banton and Mark Morrison, both with sidemen who are more proactive than the featured singer, if Morrison's decision to wear a canary yellow suit doesn't count. Spice Girls went to number one while still in Japan but clearly the bookings weren't quite coming in yet as they had a night free to stand on a small bridge. A warm night, clearly. Mel B seems more up for it than her colleagues. Look at her nearly taking Geri out during the first chorus.

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