Thursday, 5 July 2012

5th July

1979: Like Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Tubeway Army deal with future dystopia in black and white. Unlike Metropolis, this involves wearing panstick. The Korgis attempt to fuse new wave and soft rock with the inventive sartorial addition of a very long tie over the bass strings. Jimmy and all his friends introduce The Dooleys, bridging the gap between Brotherhood Of Man and the Nolans.

1984: Do you feel Mike Smith found working with Savile difficult? Certainly someone did, it was Jimmy's 276th and last regular show - he'd return in an auxiliary role a month later for a special and then twice more in the 00s to co-host the first show back at TV Centre and the last Pops, but nine months after his penultimate appearance this was his last as a regular host. OMD's Andy McCluskey had by now refined his unique dancing style into mere extended arm movements. Shannon is placed tightly in the middle of the audience and has to sing down to the camera, which seems uncomfortable for a visitor to this country. Is that official Olympic merchandise, Ultravox?

2002: Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea gets to show off his new military beret. Until it falls off from vigorous headbanging.

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