Friday, 20 July 2012

20th July

1978: Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey always had to get his word in, didn't he? He's not actually a Londoner, by the way. The New Seekers think they're the Beach Boys, Child think they're someone far more melodramatic.

1989: The girls love a bit of shoulder. London Boys really go for their dance moves, and you suspect they know they can do much better had they not had the tiresome task of having to pretend to sing. The Blow Monkeys unite the tribes of XR3i soul-pop and anti-Thatcherism with a yellow mini-dress.

1995: Oh lord, they gave one-joke Gayle Tuesday the TOTP gig. How was that explained to Corona? Lots of flashing lights do their job for them. Recently downsized Take That still had enough about them and their faux-angelic costumes to make a choirboy groove.

2001: Sharleen Spiteri was considered something of a style guru in Texas' heyday. By the time they were adding scratching to their old songs she was reduced to a tracksuit. Ash's Tim Wheeler manages an even more contentious angle on the Johnny Rotten T-short of lore while forcing Charlotte Hatherley to play while sitting down with little leg room. Super Furry Animals brought their special vocoder mike and their Pete Fowler design lectern, which can't be much use for much else when used together.

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