Friday, 27 July 2012

27th July

1967: Clearly looking at his table Fluff's a busy man with no time for introductory fripperies, so despite Dave Davies' protestation/accusation his error might have just been an oversight. Fluff seems to ignore him regardless. That set is a little overelaborate, isn't it?

1989: They tended not to cheer someone getting up in those days, as Kirsty Maccoll proves. She famously had stage fright for most of her career, so maybe it was a "when you're comfortable..." deal. Matt Goss, having seen Ken off from Bros, now loses the conventions of mike miming. Still, watch him move.

1995: The musical career of PJ & Duncan is still a thing of curiosity and scorn. Note the dancers playing out the Sharks and Jets of synthetic mid-90s leisurewear, but at least their routine is more controlled than Boyzone's. The incident having happened just a month earlier, Supergrass' Mickey Quinn sporting a Hugh Grant mugshot T-shirt to perform this song was inevitable.

2001: Geri Halliwell finds a group of women more fragile than her. They Might Be Giants are more out of place, but they're damned if they're not going to give it a good going over.

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