Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4th July

1985: Once Richard Skinner has stopped reading from his script, Dead Or Alive get out their headstock-less instruments. The Damned jumped fully into goth, mass backcombing and all.

1991: How hard does Incognito's drummer hit his drums? They're supposed to be dead miked. On the other end of soul vocal style, Kim Appleby. "This isn't heavy, it's lovely!" indeed. Future Steve Wright sidewoman Janey Lee Grace fronting a song written by Bob'n'Pete of Saint Etienne doesn't necessarily suggest 60s girl group styling, but Cola Boy had a big hit and I haven't, so who's right?

1997: No idea why Fun Lovin' Criminals' Scooby Snacks performance, one in which Huey mostly has better things to do than play guitar, is part-credited as I'm Not In Love. Whoever took the fascinating Paula Cole performance down days ago, put it back, please.

2003: Career making moves ahoy as Beyonce struts, literally, her stuff and sings over her own vocals. In fact she doesn't seem to use that live mike much. "This is no joke-o - it's Moloko!" Yeah, you can see why the BBC place such faith in Colin Murray's presentational skills. Roisin's neon mike stand is a nice touch. Meanwhile, wearing a Thrills T-shirt, Edith Bowman doesn't sound totally convinced about Metallica, who for some reason have got a lights display behind them and their projected logo on a side wall. A perennial visitor at one point Gary Numan returned with Rico and as an industrial outsider. To celebrate, TOTP bring back the negative film flashes of yore. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, meanwhile, turns into an attempt to look up Karen O's skirt.

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Chris Brown said...

It seemed to be standard practice on 90s TotP to caption both sides of a double-A, possibly to justify the chart position. Either that or they had really long lead-in times before they knew which song was going to be performed.