Friday, 6 July 2012

6th July

1967: Here's a bit of long, long lost Pops magic only recently unearthed, Pink Floyd (slightly remastered from the original damaged tape) with Syd Barrett wearing a top patterned in a way that pretty much matched his state of mind at the time. Procul Harum were number one, Gary Brooker celebrating by getting the words wrong.

1972: Can one TOTP performance change the course of a career rather than become a mere bold footnote? It comprehensively did for David Bowie, and as one new book argues the whole of pop culture. Whether it be his look, that of the Spiders From Mars or the arm round the shoulder of Mick Ronson, it was an act which famously gave Boy George, Marc Almond and Gary Kemp inspiration to go into music. Mind you, Stuart Hall used to put his arm round Arthur Ellis all the time and nobody was influenced by that.

1978: How's this for overenthusiastic directing? Buzzcocks pay no attention to those who can't abide flashing images. Later, because a busy man's work is never done, Justin Hayward gets every light and mirror image effect that can be thrown at the situation. Peter Powell and all his friends introduce Steel Pulse and then reveals he makes that noise older men do when they get up from an awkward position. City Boy bring their own extra and prop, and unveil a radical two man to a keyboard formation. Legs & Co's interpretation of A Taste Of Honey is most notable for the fashion parade, Sue drawing the short straw with a baggy T-shirt and pink trousers, probably the clothes she turned up to practice in.

1989: Chaka Khan dresses as a cross between a blackbird and a minor Dr Who enemy.

1995: Shaggy's assistant Rayvon seems to be wearing an upside down cap. PJ Harvey does well until it comes to doing something along with the adlibs miming at the end. Presenter's Wendy Lloyd, if you were wondering.

2001: Pops rushes? This seems to be a home video camera recording of Backstreet Boys recording a satellite performance, each member enclosed in their own gate for their own safety. So hot were The Strokes at this point it was rumoured despite this being their first chart eligible single they'd be performing three songs on the show this week. It didn't come to pass, though perversely the show chose the one featuring adult language. Who knew the shouty one out of Mis-Teeq would within a decade be a light entertainment powerbroker? Men in snug vests as backing dancers, as per. James' Tim Booth has his own snug vest, direct from an athletics meet, not to mention a dancing style not dissimilar to Ian Curtis'.

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