Monday, 9 July 2012

9th July

1970: Did Pickettywitch really have a member who only played shaker?

1981: The 900th show, hosted by a team of all the past talents - Jimmy Savile, Alan Freeman, David Jacobs and Pete Murray - and launched by the debut of new titles and Yellow Pearl, as Jimmy is keen to get across in his frantic opening link. Phil Lynott there being addressed by his official title. Watch the pair of them in the background during Kirsty Maccoll, they're getting on like a house on fire. The pianist meanwhile wants his own focal attention. For the occasion a spectacular quick cut montage of the show to date was made, in which Bowie and Bolan seem to have been less notable than Showaddywaddy. Pete Murray's intro to Legs & Co's work with Tom Tom Club seems to include a cue for masturbation. Well, at least be honest about it. And to crown this all-out multicolour fun pop party? Um, the Specials. The best bit is when Terry starts skiing, closely followed by Jerry attempting to deconstruct the set dressing. Such devil may care attitudes may be because Terry, Neville and Lynval told the rest of the band they were leaving the band in the dressing room before filming started.

1987: Redubbed-from-the-record Pops clips, eh? Can't live with 'em... Still, worth it to see Shakin' Stevens' experiments in homoeroticism. By contrast nothing says sophistication like a seated singer, as with Black. Nothing meanwhile says self-pretension like indoor shades all round, as with The Christians.

1999: Note that Blur's audience only reacts when Damon starts singing. Doesn't help that Graham won't look at them. Should take confidence lessons from Lolly, that boy. Semisonic couldn't afford a session keyboard player.

2004: Girls Aloud and their people more often than not came up with grand concepts for their TOTP routines. This time, a beauty salon with inattentive staff.

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