Tuesday, 3 July 2012

3rd July

1986: Even in a pop world that can try and claim Samantha Fox as soft rock chick, By now Wham! aren't even pretending Andrew is adding anything of use. The Housemartins do well out of flogging some scarves to the audience. And then uncomfortableness ahoy for Claire & Friends, the boy in question's name revealed as Stephen. Written for Claire by the latter from Brian & Michael and winner of Saturday Superstore Superstar, once she'd become old enough to mentally configure her relationship with the metaphysical concept of love Claire Usher became part of the Broadway cast of Riverdance, for the record.

1998: Kate Thornton's debut, standing in for an ill Jo Whiley, on a show that ended out going out at 11pm when Wimbledon coverage overran. No wonder Space's Tommy Scott looks concerned and not a little frightened.

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